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Have you seen this before? Oprah had been using it for over a year!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


So, the scoop is: Bishop Jughead had an argument with a low-rank winger that wanted BBQ sauce. The argument went on for a while because he wanted a little BBQ on the side, in a little cup. Penguin does carry BBQ for their BBQ pizza, so this was technically feasible. The reason why it wasn't going to happen was because of a different conflict from much earlier wherein a customer wanted BBQ on the side, was given the option to receive a little cup of BBQ, but made a scene when he was told that the BBQ on the side would cost an extra 50¢. Now, 50¢ is pretty steep for a little sauce, especially considering how there are already plenty of condiments readily available, for free; however, I suppose it makes sense, considering that the BBQ is supposed to be reserved exclusively for an uncommon pizza and requires the labor of someone going into a fridge, grabbing a cup, squirting BBQ into said cup, bringing cup to table, etc... during the busiest time of the week, to appease someone who's already paying the least amount for food possible. I understand this, but I digress. In any case, during the precursor argument, the customer refused the pricing (a price that no doubt was made on the spot, semi-arbitrarily) and an axiom was born- a legal precedent was spawned where logistically it was too much of an imposition for the average winger to be offered a 50% premium on their 10¢ wings just to enjoy some sauce- so the option ceased to exist entirely henceforth. When the latter argument came around, Bishop Jughead was already black & white on the matter: so the man asked for BBQ, and the option no longer existed, period. The man expressed his frustration at the audacity of the limitation and eventually calmed down and put on his coat. Bishop Jughead asked the low-rank Winger where he was going (as he hadn't paid for his meal yet) and he said "I'm going next door to buy some BBQ sauce", to which the reply was "well you're not bringing it back to my restaurant!"- and so, ladies and gentlemen, thus, an embargo against BBQ was created and the rest is history. 

Now, Bishop Jughead is elsewhere and at this point performs behind-the-scenes tasks for the establishment. New decisions have been made by the Penguin Organization and the Embargo has been lifted. The long wait is over and the victory is ever so sweet. 

-Secret Agent Razzle Dazzle

Ps. More on how good the BBQ was next time; at which time I'll be purchasing a plate of BBQ as well as a plate of Teriyaki.